Welcome To Maxtherm Lanka(Pvt.) Ltd.
Welcome to Maxtherm Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, invited in 2012. We are pioneers in energy & environment engineering, specialized in process heat solutions. We are professionals and involving in supplying & installing Steam & hot water boilers, Thermic fluid heaters, Heat Recovery units & Pollution control equipment.
Maxtherm’s one step place is providing your all thermal energy needs in the industry from concept to commissioning.
We at Maxtherm have completed more than 250 installations around the country.
We provide unique & modern solutions, with the objective of providing energy efficient biomass fired steam hot water boilers to meet the various demands in the industry.

Why Maxtherm Lanka

What Makes Maxtherm Boilers.You preferred choice!

Trust, Transparency, Trustworthy – TTT
• We ensure trust by prompt delivery.
• We ensure transparency by commercial offering.
• We ensure Trustworthy by desired performance.
Offering high standard design from concept to commissioning.
• We offer overall system design from concept to commissioning.
One Step Stop for all energy needs.
• Delivery fuel to system solution.
• Designing, engineering, supplying installing & commissioning your process heat requirement.
• Round a clock breakdown servicing.
Flexible & proactive approach.
• We are flexible & proactive from concept to commissioning.
Customized design.
• We do customizing of the heating requirement as per client needs.
Comprehensive Services Package.
• Complete Service package ensures absolute peace of mind.
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