About Maxtherm Lanka

Maxtherm Group, specializes in the supplying and installation of biomass fired steam boilers in Sri Lanka with the objective of accelerating thermal energy performance in the industry. We also offer a wide variety of services in both energy and environment engineering for the industry.
Maxtherm Lanka is the official agent of Maxtherm India (Private) Limited, India, a pioneer in energy and Environment and a leading supplier of biomass fired steam boilers. The company also specializes in generating and supplying of steam and implementing co-generation plants in Sri Lanka.


To be a leading and respected high performance thermal energy system provider in Sri Lanka by offering sustainable solutions in energy and environment field of industry.


Provide a client specific standard product and service on a customized basis and to provide a 24 hour technical service to satisfy the customer as well as to conserve energy and the environment.


Deliver a quality service for all activities performed while attaining financial sustainability working with parties that value our core values

Core Values

Customer Orientation
24 Hour Service
Transparency, Honesty, Discipline, Mutual Respect and Promptness in our Work
High Standard of Service
Innovative and Creative
Team Spirit
Openness in Communication
Service Before Profit


Maxtherm Lanka is the Sri Lankan promoter of Maxtherm Steam boilers manufactured by Maxtherm India (Pvt.) Ltd., India. All activities related to Maxtherm steam boiler supply, installation & commissioning are being handled by MLPL.


• Supplying and Installing of steam & hot water boilers, steam & hot water radiators
• Biomass fired Steam generating and selling
• All maintenance, breakdown services related to steam boilers & steam distribution systems
• Consultancies of boiler operation and maintenance
• Boiler Conversion (Diesel to Biomass, Furnace oil to Biomass)
• Boiler maintenance and efficiency improvements
• Boiler water treatment
• Energy demand management & conservation services
• Energy auditing
• Technology transfer for higher energy efficiencies
• Feasibility studies for new technologies and energy related projects
• Installation of Steam Distribution Systems
• Boiler Training programs



Eng. Gaya Siriwardana is the Director – Engineering of the Group. In addition to being one of the founding member of Maxtherm Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. He also holds Director Ship of Maxtherm Lanka Utility Services (Pvt.) Ltd. & Maxtherm Engineering Services (Pvt.) Ltd.

Eng. Gaya Siriwardhana holds a BSc. (Hons.) Degree in Engineering specialized in Chemical and Process Engineering, from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka. He also holds a MSc. in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the KTH University, Stockholm, Sweden with the dissertation title for the MSc being “The conversion of fuel oil fired steam boilers in to biomass fired boilers in the paper industry of Sri Lanka”. He is reading for Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Metropolitan University, UK. He is a Member of the Institute of Engineers of Sri Lanka (IESL), a Member of the Sri Lanka Energy Managers Association (SLEMA) and is one of the accredited consultants to Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA) to conduct feasibility studies for renewable energy development projects.

Prior to joining the Maxtherm Group, Eng.Gaya has held a number of senior positions with companies in a career spanning over decade. These include

• Plant Engineer- IE Techniques (Pvt.) Ltd , Panadura
• Operations Engineer- Lalan Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd, Colombo
• Consultant /Engineering- ISB Technical Services (Pvt.) Ltd-Kurunegala
• Consultant /Engineering- Industrial Solutions Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd-Kurunegala

During the last Decade of his career, Eng. Gaya was involving in a wide range of areas including

• Installing Steam Boilers, Hot Water Generators and Thermic Fluid Heaters,
• Boiler Maintenance,
• Design and Installation of Steam Distribution Systems,
• Conversion of Boilers,
• Energy Management and Consultancy,
• Installation of Capacitor Banks,
• Energy Audits and Measurements,
• Technical Feasibility on New Energy Efficiency Improvements Projects,
• Design and Installation of Waste Heat Recovery Systems,
• Feasibility and Pre-feasibility Studies for Mini Hydro Power Projects,
• Micro and Mini Hydro Power Development,
• Cleaner Production/Environmental Audits,
• Preparation of Valuation Reports to Banks,
• Sri Lanka Vehicle Emission Testing Program - site selection and clearance, Building Design and Construction
• Management , Installation and Operation of Equipment


Ajantha Sisira Kumara is an Operation Director of the Group. In addition to being one of the founding member of Maxtherm Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. He also holds Director Ship of Maxtherm Utility Services Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. Maxtherm Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd.

Ajantha Sisira Kumara holds an advance Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering form City & Guilds of London Institute UK, Certificate in Electrical Engineering from the ATI (Apprentice Training Institute) Moratuwa Sri Lanka, National Certificate of Technology from the Electrical Training Collage, Mutwall Colombo Sri Lanka. As well as Diploma in Business Administration from the NIBM.

He is renowned for his expertise in Boiler Engineering. He is also expertise of the Electrical, Electronic and Energy Engineering field is over twenty years and the various local and international projects, he had undertaken had added to the specialized and generalized knowledge in various activities in relation to the trade. These include Industrial Service Bureau (ISB), Machmar Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Industrial Solutions Lanka (Pvt) Ltd (ISL), James Finlay Tea Factory, Colombo Dockyard Ltd, Concept Food in Dubai, etc.

During the last 20 years of his career, Ajantha was involved in various projects

• Energy Management and Consultancy
• Installing Steam Boilers , Hot water Generators & Thermic Fluid Heaters
• Boiler Operations, Maintenance and commissioning
• Design and installation of steam distribution systems
• Boiler conversions
• Installation of Capacitor Banks
• Energy Audit and Measurements
• Technical feasibility one new Energy efficiency improvements projects
• Design and installing West heat Recovery systems
• Conducting Boiler Technicians Training programme
• Electrical Distribution System
• Installing water RO (Reverse Osmosis ) plant



Mr. Manoj Dassanayake holds Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Bachelor of Science in Engineering specialized in the field of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Peradeniya, Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from the University of Wayamba. He is an Associate Member of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, Member of Institution of Engineering Technology, (IET), Member of CIBSE – UK, and Certified Energy Manager of the Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority, Ministry of Power & Energy, He is having over 20 years experience as an engineer & Manager of several organizations in the industry including multinationals.


Mr. Chamila Siriwardhana holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Material Engineering from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka as well as an MSc in Information Technology. He is also an Associate Member of the Institute of Engineers of Sri Lanka (IESL) and counts nearly 7 years of experience as an IT Manager in Sri Lanka’s corporate sector.

Dr. W.P.D Fernando,
Senior Lecturer,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Peradeniya.
Samaraweera Consultancy Services.
Mr.Ranjana Henakaarachchi
ACA,BBA(finance) Sp(Hons)
Henaka Arachchi & Company